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Gary Gygax (1938-2008)

I don't think I can adequately state how I feel at this point. I started gaming with my friends Gordon, Ralph and Don back in high school (30 years ago this summer) with AD&D, and yes, I STILL have all my books. From there we went on to all the other TSR games: Gamma World, Boot Hill, Top Secret and more. I've gone on to play many more systems, from Shadowrun to GURPS, Marvel Super Heroes to Paranoia. But it all started with that first summer at Gordon's place so long ago. The gaming industry has changed a lot since then, some for the better, and also for the worse, but it all started with Gary Gygax and the others from TSR. People who gave us an opportunity to be the hero, instead of reading about him. For that, I say thank you.

Rest in peace, Gary. May your next jourey be as exciting as this one was.

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